Review: Canon EOS 1300D SLR Camera (EF-S 18-55 mm IS Lens)

I tried this Camera for 5 days and took it on a family vacation to finally take some great pictures of everyone. I loved being able to rent the camera for such a little price! I have never been able to afford a nice camera so this has been an amazing experience. The camera is easy to set up and very easy to handle. I have never used a reflex camera before so trust me, it is very simple to take high quality pictures with the Canon EOS 1300D SLR Camera.

I have to give it to nok: great idea, amazing service and an excellent selection of modern products!
I was very happy to have a nok delivery guy come to my doorstep to bring me the Canon EOS 1300D SLR Camera. I didn’t have to do anything besides open the door. The service is absolutely astonishing. The camera was charged, I did not have to deal with attaching the camera strap to the camera and even the memory card was already in the camera.

Now that I know how much I liked having such a camera, I want to save up some money to finally buy a reflex camera! I am looking forward to trying more cameras through and I hope that I will also be able to buy one through nok, soon.

– by Emily

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